1. International Transfagarasan-Marathon

13 km Mountain Run 

16th June 2019


"Running on the most beautiful mountain road in the world"


Starting point: Oberkerz (495 m)

Finish: Balea Lac (2.042 m)

Total: 1.850 high meters


The idea

This marathon takes place in an impressive landscape in Transylvania.

The start will be in Oberkerz, directly at the foot of the Transylvanian Carpathians. From this point, 42 challenging kilometers will be in front of the runners, which lead over large parts on the Transfagarasan, "the most beautiful mountain road in the world", to the finish at the Balea Lac, the largest glacier lake of the Romanian Carpathians. The reward for the exertions will be a unique backdrop on the running course and the finish.