§ 1 Application - Validity 

    (hereinafter referred as TFM) is an event of Björn Grass Laufreisen GmbH & Co. KG.
  2. The general terms and conditions are published in the internet on http://www.trans-marathon.com/ and they are part of the contract between the organizer and the participant in the version valid at the time of registration


§ 2  Terms of participation - Safety measures

  1. Eligible to start are all healthy and well-trained runners who have reached the age of 18 years.
    Each participant has full personal responsibility for his / her state of health.
    They have to be aware of the distance and specificity (altitude) of the event and have to be prepared accordingly.  Everyone who has registered properly and who has an official start number of the TFM can take part.
  2. Organizational measures will be announced to the participants by the organizer before the start of the event. The instructions of the organizer and his appropriately identified staff must be obeyed. In the case of violations that may disrupt the proper course of the event or jeopardize the safety of the other participants, the organizer is entitled to exclude the person from the event at any time and / or disqualify the person. Legally binding declarations can only be issued to the participants by the authorized group of persons authorized by the organizer.
  3. All regulations, instructions and specifications contained in the invitation to tender and supplementary instructions constitute an immediate contractual obligation of the participant. All kind of claims that are related to the contract or the services rendered by Björn Grass Laufreisen GmbH & Co. KG have to be claimed to Björn Grass Laufreisen GmbH at the end of the event within one month after the contractually foreseen end of the TFM.


§ 3 Registration - Participation fee - Notifying confirmation – Terms of payment – Refund – Cancellation – Insurance

  1. The registration can be done online on the homepage www.trans-marathon.com via the corresponding "web form".

The registration is binding for the participants. Once the registration has been completed, the participants will receive a confirmation which confirms the binding contract for the participation in the event.
The payment is due in full immediately upon registration. If the participation fee is not paid on time, the organizer has the right to withdraw from the contract by revoking the
registration confirmation.
In this case a flat fee of € 30,00 per participant will be charged.

  1. The entry fees for the individual distances are:
  • Marathon: € 60,00 per person by registration until 31.12.2018 (afterwards € 70,00)
  • 13 km Mountain run: € 25,00 per person by registration until 31.12.2018 (afterwards € 30,00)

The exact scope of services of a starting place can be found at www.tf-m.eu.
For late registration on the spot, € 5.00 late entry fee will be added


  1. Payments can be done by bank transfer
  2. The participants will receive an registration confirmation after the receipt of the registration and after the receipt of the participation fee. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify a participant at any time and / or from the event if he either made false personal data by the registration, if a blocking by an international/national federation is subjected, or if it is suspected that the participant is starting with not authorized substances (doping)
  3. As part of the registration the participant will only receive this starting documents against submission of his signed declaration of liability. The pick-up of the start number and the signing of the declaration of liability must be done personally by the participant.
  4. Björn Grass Laufreisen GmbH & Co. KG may exclude the participant from the event / terminate the contract with the participant if

- he does not keep the regulations and / or break the rules and instructions (before or during the  
- he permanently disturbs the event or endangers himself or others
- he does not follow the instructions of the event management or the staff
- he behaves contrary to the contract to such an extent, that the immediate annulment of the   contract  is justified

If Björn Grass Laufreisen GmbH & Co. KG cancels the contract with the participant, he will get the entitlement to the participation fee.

  1. If the event is canceled by the participant, no refund of the entry fee will be made.
  2. Only a written cancellation of the present application is accepted
  3. Participation is only transferable to a third party in agreement with the organizer up to four weeks before the day of the event.  If this is the case we will charge a fee of € 10,00.  After that, there is no re-registration to another person or to another distance possible anymore


§ 4 Canellation of the event – None-Start -   Liability

  1. Participation is at your own risk!
  2. In case of the cancellation of the event or individual sections of the route due to force majeure,
    non-appearance or termination of the race which the organizer is not responsible for, the participant is not entitled to a refund / partial refund of the participation fee and also not to compensation for other damages such as travel or accommodation costs
  1. If a registered participant does not start or declares his non-participation against the organizer before, he has no rights  for the reimbursement of the participation fee.


§ 5  Disclaimer

  1. With the prescribed registration, the participant authenticates himself to the event chosen by Björn Grass Laufreisen GmbH & Co. KG and assures without further examination by the organizer that he is aware about the special previous experience and previous knowledge mentioned in point 1 of the regulations.
  2. Compensation claims of the participant against the organizer, for whatever legal reason, are excluded
    This does not apply if the organizer, his legal representatives or vicarious agents acted intentionally or through gross negligence or for damages, which the organizer is responsible for, as the injury of the life, the body, the health or essential contractual obligations.
  3. The participant agrees to undergo the checks ordered by the organizer.
  4. The participant fully understands and accepts the conditions of participation and the valid regulations. He expressly declares that he has fully read, understood and accepted all the rules, regulations and conditions which are mentioned there.
  5. The participant declares his participation in the event at his own risk and that he is sufficiently insured against accidents (also abroad).
  6. The organizer assumes no liability for health risks of the participant in connection with the participation in this event. The participant declares binding at the beginning of the event that there are no health concerns about his participation and that his conditional performance level meets the requirements of such an endurance competition. He has to take care for the proper equipment according to the regulations by himself.
  7. The organizer assumes no liability for lost valuables, clothing and equipment as well during the luggage transport (clothes bag).
  8. The organizer is not liable for reductions in performance that occur as a result of the fact that the participant is partially or completely prevented from taking part due to legal regulations and / or official orders.
  9. When third parties are commissioned by the participant or the organizer, e.g. the alerting of emergency services, the costs, caused for this, has to be taken by the participant himself or the organizer has the right to collect any costs incurred by the participant
  10. It is strongly recommended to take out a private health insurance.


§ 6 Data collection and Data processing

  1. By registering, the participant declares that he agrees that the data mentioned in the application for timekeeping, placement and results may be recorded and passed on to third parties and for publication on the Internet.
  2. The personal data, provided by the participant by the registration, will be stored and processed only for the purpose of carrying out and handling of the event. This applies particularly to the data necessary for the payment processing (§28 Federal Data Protection Act). By registering the participant agrees to record the data for this purpose.
  3. The participant agrees that photos, film records and interviews on the radio, TV, print medias, books, photomechanical duplications (movies, video cassette…) taken in connection with his participation in the event are distributed and published without any right to remuneration. In addition, the participant agrees to the disclosure of his personal data for the purpose of sending photos produced by a company commissioned by the organizer. However, the participant does not declare at the same time that he would like to buy such a photo.
  4. The participant agrees to the publication of his name, first name, year of birth, team name, his start number and results (placements and times) in all event-relevant print media (list of participants, results, etc.) and in all electronic media such as the Internet
  5. The participant may object to the transmission and publication of his personal data to the organizer in writing, by e-mail
  6. By providing the e-mail address, the participant agrees that Björn Grass Laufreisen GmbH & Co. KG may use these for sending information to him


§ 7 Limitation

Claims of the participant to Björn Grass Laufreisen GmbH & Co. KG, irrespective of the legal grounds, become statute-barred one year after the end of the contract.

Jurisdiction for disputes arising from the contract concluded with the participant is Munich.
German law applies exclusively to the entire legal and contractual relationship between Björn Grass Laufreisen GmbH & Co. KG and the participant.